30 Day LinkedIn Review Challenge

When I began blogging I started looking for motivation to actually write something.  Then I started stumbling upon sites that offer tips for how to blog.  I discovered the 30 day blog challenges which pretty much gives you a topic or idea a day then you need to fill up a posting with it.  The interesting thing here was I discovered all kinds of other 30 day challenges.   These exercises are to get you into the habit of doing constructive/positive things in your and other’s lives.


I have actually picked up on a couple of these challenges and decided to try and start one of my own.  This week I am going to kick of my 30 Day LinkedIn Review Writing Challenge.  I have worked with some incredible people over the last 20 years and have met some true motivators and innovators.  This is my little way of paying them back just for influencing me.  Feel free to do it yourself.  At the end of it all I am not hoping to be great at writing reviews but at least have some very special people know how much they meant to me.

Start of a Tech Blog


Over time I have played with several different types of blogging installs and hosting service.  Most of time it is just so I can familiarize myself with system builds, server configurations, package installs, database tie-ins, and etc…  I would load the blogs and play with them a little bit and never do anything at all when it comes to publishing on them.

In comes iGazine.  I have owned this domain for years and have toyed around with using it as a blog, a static site, and even a Wiki.  I have used it for a file drop and even for malware/APT research.  I don’t really like Facebook these days (I delete my account years ago) but I have things on my mind here and there and feel like it needs to be put some place.

Well this is that place.   From here on when I work on a project at work or on my own I will also try to shadow that work with a story or lessons learned on iGazine as well.  Feel free to come here and check out all things on my mind that are IT and IT Security related.

Abby and Grandma car wreck.

Yesterday on the way home from preschool Abby and Grandma were t-boned by another car. Abby was OK but grandma was pretty banged up and had to spend a night in the OR at Western Medical Center.

Grandma is on blood thinners so they wanted to be sure she didn’t have any clotting issues. I am not impressed with the service at this hospital and even though I am aware they
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