Comfort Zones and Alcoholism

90 days of recovery is what they say is needed when you are working on sobriety.   I am not sure where this 90 days number was thought of but seems good to me and I am not going to question it.  I only know about this 90 days rule, because a good friend of mine has decided to attend meetings on his own accord without being forced into the system by the courts or others.   I will leave his name out of this, but I have to admit I really proud of him for seeing out the last couple of days.  My friends all drink at some level or another, but this guy is one of the worst.  My worry for him had been growing over the last couple of months but I hadn’t given him any major grief on it.

If you want to change things you have got to get out of your comfort zone.  Drinking alcohol doesn’t start off as a problem, but it begins getting people out of their normal comfort zones it allows you to release some inhibitions and step outside of yourself a bit.  You start drinking and you forget the problems of the world that are bothering you and this becomes your comfort zone.  When the drinking becomes your comfort zone this is alcoholism and what your life has become.  This is where the 90 days comes into play no matter how stupid you think things are or redundant the meetings maybe, you are trying to break out of this alcohol induced comfort zone you built over time.   Coming to that understanding and breaking out of that zone is what the program is trying to establish.  Then hopefully you have a new comfort zone, one of just being the normal you that is back to dealing with the issues we all have in this world and not trying to put it in the bottle that is trying to kill you.

You, my friend, are one of the reasons I am working on my side projects again.  You having the guts to step out of your comfort zone and build a new comfort zone is inspirational and you are doing a great thing.  Keep with it man and by seeing you keep with it I hope it inspires others to push their limits as well.  Take care and I hope this finds you well.

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One thought on “Comfort Zones and Alcoholism”

  1. Nice article. The 90 days is actually a big deal when you think back to when you couldn’t string 2 days together. It’s about learning to feel comfortable in your own skin . I practice a 12 step program on a daily basis and have 7 years . That is what works for me and millions of others . Maybe there’s an easier softer way to do it that works but I haven’t found a roomful of people that it worked for.
    An open mind and willingness will help enable the change to manifest . When you have a routine (program) and a higher power to help you, your life will get better . You will be O.K . But it does take willingness to work and to be uncomfortable as you stated. it is a hard task to bear for many and they fall by the wayside .
    Unfortunately , one has to reach a very low point (bottom ) to accept the fact that they are defeated by addiction and to accept a program of recovery. The help is there . Just reach your hand out and you will be amazed !!!!!!

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