Freedom of speech and the bad words

I wish I could find a way to blog about this and not piss people off.  Years ago two good friends and I were at dinner and we found ourselves dropping f-bombs just about every other word in the conversation.  We were all in the Marines together and at that table we decided to try and not use the word fuck in the rest of our conversation that night.  I don’t think it was a full 2 minutes and we were already right back into using it in every form imaginable.  When I look back at that conversation it wasn’t the fact that the word fuck was being using, it was how often we used it.  We were using the word as a crutch and had gotten lazy with our conversations.

As time has gone on, I have changed my mind about any word being “bad”.  I don’t put a value on words and its madness for us to continue with the idea that a word can be bad.  If you really want to take the value away from a word don’t make it forbidden let it be used.  Most Americans think that the image of Muhammad be so sacred that it can’t be drawn and challenge this as being aginst our freedom of speech.  Yet we frown upon the usage of curse words or derogatory words that have been used as slurs in the past.

I can’t say if I have thought this through all of the ways maybe I am not thinking about it deep enough.  But I believe most people maybe thinking too much about it and letting words hurt them because someone else put a value on the words.  They take that associated value and  let it drive a hatred of a word and then take the attention off of other more important topics and not just a couple of letters strung together to make a sound.  Are we really fans of freedom of speech or are do we have a bunch of Muhammad type rules in our common vocabulary that we refuse to acknowledge?



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