Running Rocket.Chat On your own

As some of you know, I have started my own RocketChat server for my friends to join.  I am hosting it at  It has been a very interesting process.  I started running the server as a side project when their code was in their 0.2*.* releases and it wasn’t ready to run at your enterprise yet.   But it was stable enough for my buddies that used to hang out on IRC to give a shot.  I loaded it up on a Debian box at Digital Ocean and was up and running in about a night.

I really have to say they have upped their game in the last couple of releases to make them a legit competitor with solutions like Slack or HipChat.  With this last update I believe the new LDAP import features and a couple of other extras make it ready to be deployed in your corporate environment.   Bring your data back home to your systems and don’t leave it out in the cloud so you suffer compliance issues in the long run.

In the long run for the Igazine Chat we have loaded up a couple of Hubots to provide help and lulz to users in the channels.  I really just want it to become a place for techies to hang out and talk about work, tech issues, and how fricking great a Wendy’s frosty is!   Swing by and signup for an account and say hello.  If you would like you can try and setup your own RocketChat Server.  If you run into any issues pop in and look for me (eric or stunder) and ask for suggestions.

Till then… See you in the funny pages.


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Eric McWilliams is a cybersecurity tech nerd, a former Marine, a Linux user, and an all around goofball. The list of titles, hobbies, and accomplishments is long but all take a back seat to being a dad. You can find him most days on his chat server.

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