Monday, March 29, 2021

It's like medicine

Alright for years I have owned the domain name and I have done little things with it here and there. My provider DreamHost has been great over the years about reliable DNS services, shell accounts, and to tell you the truth I cannot count how many times I have installed Wordpress with a One-Click install and had every intention of starting a blog in the igazine domain.

Well as 2020 has passed us up and 2021 is in full swing already, I figured I would give it an honest try once again.  For me blogging was always more about configuring the backend and playing with PHP/MySQL connections.  When it was all setup I would post one or two things and then I would forget about it, never patch the damn thing, and eventually just delete the blog (rinse, wash, repeat).

This time I decided to take it a different direction, I have pointed the domain name to Google's Blooger service so I honestly don't have to do much besides adjust the theme and start writing post.  I have promised myself to not get to involved with the theme, and to actually write stories this time.  

I guess a blog should have a theme and I guess that theme is me (the "I" in igazine).  I am always into all kinds of stuff, everything from trying to get a preteen daughter to believe everything I say isn't so attempt to ruin her life, taking care of my aging father, building things with Linux, managing Cybersecurity for companies, learning how to live on a sailboat, and sprinkle in a little beer here and there.

Anyways I am going to see how therapeutic this whole opening up and writing thing can be.  I spend a lot of time in my own head and need to get out of it. This is that attempt.

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