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 Hello World and welcome to Eric Around the World.  I am your host Eric McWilliams, a deeply confused 40s year old looking to write some stuff down.

Yup this is me in all my recent glory some where in the San Bernardino Mountains in the winter of 2020 trying to hang out with my daughter and her dog. 

2020 has been a crazy year with Covid and election drama taking the front page of everyone's goal of just living a normal life.  Same goes for me, it has really tested my sanity and my want to remain "normal".   2019-2020 was my introduction to a daughter growing up and needing space away from her dad.  It also flashed what could very well be the end of my fathers life in front of me.  All of these things have made me realize that Life isn't supposed to be spent behind a desk or behind a computer terminal.  We aren't wired for that and we force ourselves to do it day after day.

While being locked in during the 2020 epidemic one of my life long friends Tim Reynolds introduced me to a YouTube Channel of SV Delos.  SV Delos goes back almost 10 years in the life of CAPT. BREEYAWN (Brian), his wife Kazza, all the way from partying, cruising around the world, and to the point of bringing a new person into the world and raising their daughter on SV Delos.   It really is an Amazing YouTube channel and I highly recommend checking them out.


So whats the SV Delos and her crew have to do with a Cybersecurity Engineer that grew up in San Bernardino California?  Watching them made me think "I have got to get out of this house, out of this traffic, away from this desk".  So I signed up for some sailing classes in Dana Point, CA at Aventura Sailing.  I have been power boating on rivers for years and I tend to get seasick on my first day out in the ocean.   But I had full intentions to buy my own sailboat that could be used to round the globe.   While in my sailing classes I scanned all of the boating classifieds I could until I found the posting in Point Loma for a 1976 Columbia 50'er.

Enter Starry Night...  I found Starry Night from a Capt. in San Diego that has an eye for classic boats in slight trouble and bringing them back to life. 

Tod and Matt - Catalina (Cat Harbor) Dec 2020

After some research and seeing the Columbia 50 is considered one of top 40 Sailboats of all time by Cruising World I knew she was the one that would stand by me while the rest of the world puts me to the test.



I have to admit that having great friends that are skilled sailors is always nice to have around.  There doesn't seem to be a shortage of random people looking to crew on a passage.  But Tod and I seem to mix together pretty well watching each others back.  It it wasn't for this guy I don't think I would have half the confidence I do on the water.

It could be anything from a low battery, to clogged water intake in the middle of the night.  As long as Tod and I can put our heads together we seem to come out ahead at the end of the weekend.



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