How many days can I blog?

I was going to start this off as a 90 day blogging challenge to myself. Thats kind of stupid, why in the hell am I “challenging” myself to anything. I should really be my own best friend. I mean I should help myself out more than challenging myself. Really I don’t want challenges I want to do easy stuff and blogging seems pretty damn easy. Wow this isn’t being typed out the way I was expecting it to but it is what it is.

Well just so I can put up more content and get more stuff on this site I am going to see how many consecutive days I can add some random crap information to the internet. Maybe it will find you some day and you will like it or not, I don’t really care. As for me I am going to post this photo I took a long time ago of a pigeon. I have no clue why I took it and it was just sitting her on my phone begging for me to post. Enjoy the bird, he is totally enjoying hanging out and not working that is for sure.