The view from my prison cell

The view from my prison cell

Its funny when the trailer park child of a scag mother and Alabama hillbilly diagnosed with learning disabilities ends up in the rare air of North Huntington Beach in the former municipality of Sunset Beach CA. After a week in town my big question is why these people folded and became part of the sucking destructive black hole of Huntington Beach. After walking from one side of this strip of a town to the other and meeting several of the locals it bothers me they would just wad this beautiful strip of freedom and put it into the trash can of HB. I guess what they say is right, everything is one step away from a race to the bottom.

If you can't tell I am not impressed with HB in the slightest bit and seeing how my child having not knowing the freedom of a trailer park. Her only understanding of life is of a tiktok influencer telling her what she should expect out of life. At least she has to plus side of being a child of divorce where she can learn to manipulate two adults vs each other for her own agenda. Raising a teen in this town is going to be an adventure and if we can survive the next 4 years without the Russians dropping a shit storm of aged missiles in our backyard or at the very least making Europe glow in the dark maybe, just maybe I will be able to enjoy some of the rest of my short life before some other global leader asshole decides my faith for me.

The new digs in Sunset

First week in Sunset Beach - Captian Jacks

First week in Sunset Beach - Captian Jacks

Alright it was my first night in Sunset Beach and the landlord and my other friends had recommend the prime rib sandwich from Captain Jacks which just happens to be across Pacific Coast Highway from my new place. So after a long day of moving stuff from San Bernardino into my 4 year sentence of my chosen prison of Sunset Beach, CA, I decided to wonder across the street and grab one of these perfectly cooked meaty beauties. I have to admit it is the best prime rib sandwich I have ever had. If I choked and died eating one of these it may be one of the best ways I can think of going out.

I pairs well with an ice cold Budweiser and my advice is to try the mustard that includes light hints of horseradish. Horseradish is a gross root based condiment that is know for fucking up more meals than making them better but these guys have figured out how to make it not suck. I will be enjoying one of these in my near future.

Captain Jack's Prime Rib Sandwich

Stop rambling and do something

Over the last year or so I have been staying at my parents house helping take care of my parents. Years ago my dad told me "no man in our family has lived past 68". Over my years I watched my granddad (his dad) die and two of my uncles (his older brothers) all of them were around 68 years old. One of the big problems with my family is their diets. We are all big men usually 6'2" or taller. We can add smoking multiple packs of cigarettes daily and never working out to their lifestyle. Most of those guys didn't drinking except my grandad and me and no I don't plan on cutting out the beer, wine, and whiskey tomorrow.

I guess this post is just to say I hit 49 this year even though my dad has made it several years past 68 he hasn't done it with any grace. Watching him work his whole life in a concrete pipe plant to feed us kids just to retire and watch rheumatoid arthritis pick him apart, has been an life experience that's its own little roller coaster ride in the big roller coaster that is my life. It hasn't been an enjoyable part ether, more like a part where the designer of the ride turned it over to their intern and said "just make it bumpy as fuck."

So if my family clock is an indicator of anything that pretty much puts me at 18-20 years I have left on this rock. In the scope of it all I have had a pretty amazing life and a lot of that is due to the friends I have made around the world. I completely plan on continuing these adventures with my friends while making new ones. I have a couple of years dedicating my life to a job so I can take care of things for my daughter but my main goal going forward is to get the hell out of the house, live a minimalist lifestyle in places I want to be, and enjoy the next part of my life with purpose.

Its really crazy I started drafting this posting weeks ago and didn't post it, I just completed it and I know I need to do more. I have always hosted blogs and services like this but it was really just so I could figure out the technology behind them. Building servers, configuring databases, and standing up a webserver was always just fun for me. After that I never took the time to setback and actually write something. Well get ready world I am going to start writing something. Lets see where things take us shall we.